Saturday, August 8, 2015

My visit at Philips Exeter Academy

The ceiling of the marvellous library.

It was just one of those days when you head out to do something, but end up doing something else sort of day. Nonetheless, the air was fresh and the temperature mild which made it perfect for a scroll outside.

The timing and weather permitted me to visit the world acclaimed private college preparatory school located in a quaint town of Exeter, New Hampshire. I have been to this little town before for more than a few several times, wondering what lured people here. Little did I know that an institution with such prestige was hidden from view by old georgian buildings in the area. 

The Philips Exeter Academy, known throughout the USA and the world across. Mark Zuckerberg is just one of its notable alumni, and who can forget the new rising star in the east, Sara Jane Ho whom is the proud owner and principal of Institute Sarita featured on the WSJ. 

Knowing the glitz and glamour, and the long history of elites that used to walk where I was walking at the time, it was like an invisible aura radiating from the compound, and being there I could feel every pulse that it made.  The excitement I felt was like a little girl in Disney World. With the greatest of wonder and delight, my dear friend and I explored the campus, through and around buildings. She acted as though she was my personal guide since this wasn't her first time there. She is very familiar with the place and remembers the names of the dorms that doted around the beautiful architecturally designed buildings that served as classrooms and also faculty buildings.  Although most of them were locked,  I could definitely imagine what it must have been like on a normal school day. Students in and our of the classrooms and people walking around busy getting to places, I can definitely imagine.

The highlight of my visit there was the Phillips Exeter Academy library. 

I think this picture of the stairwell inaccurately portrays the ambiance you feel when you walk up and down the building. It feels so mysterious with each turn of the corner you take and every floor of the building holds some new surprise as there are 272000 volumes of books, including electronics ones too.

Individual lounge areas can be found in every nook and cranny of the building. This library certainly makes you want to study!

Every book on the shelves has a label like this one.

This is the central atrium of the library and the walls that surround it.

My visit at this lovely place was unfortunately short. I do hope to go back there again when normal school days are back on. To get a real feel of the atmosphere and explore the many faculty buildings, would certainly be a treat! 

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