Monday, August 12, 2013

Lost in Motion ...

Have you ever felt that you aren't living your life?

Have you felt aimless or just simply waiting the time to pass you by?

Have you ever found yourself just sitting on a spot thinking and your focus distracted, by a friendly someone asking, "Are you alright?"

These question rotate about my mind almost everyday, am I really living life?

It's seems clear to me, it does. I don't have to over think it. I have got above average grades, no financial problems, a loving family, some true supportive friends and a wonderful* boyfriend... so what seems to be the problem?

There's no need to fret nor to worry... why have I lost the passion to do anything lately? I know a dark cloud has been floating above me for awhile ~ it will soon disappear. More about that later**

They say your mind is your garden of precious plants and vibrant flowers, a forever eternal paradise if you keep it that way. You are the guard to garden, deciding what to allow in and out (thoughts and memories).
In that sense, when you let negativity cloud your garden with regrets and all sort of bad things. Your mind/garden turns into a waste land, dark and morbid, no sign of sunshine. Life without the Sun is impossible.

That' the thing, I feel like I'm so clear on what to do and I understand these things but there's no sense of drive, no sense of urgency, no.....

No it's not another ordinary Monday. Today is the day I get my butt of the couch and do something progressive.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yesterday Was A Great Day

Yesterday was a great day.

It wasn't all Splendor and Sparkles but it was great, because I got to spend it with HIM and a best friend of mine :)

I believe most of everyone that day was busy ( weekdays are busy days ) , I had no special plan and everyday to me seemed like a celebration anyway.

Maybe to some, it sounds sad and boring but on the bright side, I spend it with the people who I truly meant something to me ! 

No... I m not in denial. Some things are just best as simple as they are. This happens to be one of the occasions.

Even though, there was no cake, no presents and not even cards... It didn't seemed bad at all, people who weren't around wished me. Knowingly they thought about me even when I was out of their sight.  How great is that?

At the end of that day, had some great laughs and some new memories. Just another section in a chapter of life. That's all that matters.

SMILE EVERYDAY ~ ~ ~ either rain or shine and whatever the situation may be !